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Beyond Human Character Design - Hollow Earth

Entry for the Artstation Contest - Beyond Human.

Ricardo coelho wasp final

Sasu - The wasp Kata Hontai is built for direct attack, for aggression and for speed and agility.

Ricardo coelho bettle final

Yoroi - The Bettle Hata Hontai is built for direct attack, is the strongest and most resistant of all.

Ricardo coelho butterfly final

Yumei - The Butterfly Hata Hontai is built for long range attack, evasion, illusion and mind control.

Ricardo coelho caterpillar final

Ito - The Caterpillar Hata Hontai is built for short and mid range attack, control and speed reduction using silk threads.

Ricardo coelho centipede final

Taberu - The centipede Kata Hontai is built for short and medium range attack, for aggression and for speed, for power, for aggressivity, agility and poison infection. It also shows an insatiable hunger, it eats everything in her path.

Ricardo coelho katahontai lineup final
Ricardo coelho kaori final

Kaori, the Leviathan of Smell, using gases and atmospheric contamination. It uses different types that give different effects to living beings around them such as confusion, hallucinations, pain, paralysis, death.

Ricardo coelho ratsuwani final

Ratsuan, the Leviathan of Touch, has long arms that grow and reach incredible distances. He feels all that moves with his hands, the ground is like an extension of his self.

Ricardo coelho aji final

Aji, the Leviathan of Taste, no one knows exactly how big he is. He comes out of the ground and eats everything in his path with an insatiable hunger. His hands keep putting everything they grab on to his mouths.

Ricardo coelho byu final

Byu, the Leviathan of Sight, eyes cover all of his body and fall leaving a nest of eyes that enlarge his sight range. The eyes can grab to any living thing, and grow as a parasite multiplying until there are only eyes left.

Ricardo coelho haringu final

Haringu, the Leviathan of Hearing, it hears beyond our own capability and emits sound waves that pulverize everything on its way. This body is so light that it moves at the speed of sound. Vines come from his head and create both sound and fiscal destruct

Ricardo coelho leviathan lineup final
Ricardo coelho katahontai lineup closeup final
Ricardo coelho leviathan lineup closeup final
Ricardo coelho thumbnails leviathans2

The Leviathans were developed considering the human senses, for they have their origins linked to mankind, Smell, Hearing, Touch, Taste, Sight.

Ricardo coelho thumbnails bettle burst
Ricardo coelho thumbnails butterfly burst
Ricardo coelho thumbnails catterpillar burst
Ricardo coelho thumbnails centipeide burst
Ricardo coelho thumbnails wasp burst
Ricardo coelho keyframe 01 visual

View of the world being consumed by the mold spots, spreading and consuming nature around. This is how the world became to fall to the Leviathans.

Ricardo coelho keyframe 02 descending2

Descent of mankind to the mold spots, before the mold spots evolved, before the rise of the leviathans. An earthquake shook the world, and 5 huge holes appeared through the planet in a blink of an eye.

Ricardo coelho keyframe 03 silence

This melancholy shows the state of mind of the survivors. What is there worth living? Can we even get back what we have lost? Where are our heroes? How are they like? A new generation that never had memories to miss? If so...What would they fight for?

Ricardo coelho keyframe 04 sentinels

The Sentinels roam the world as a reflection of ourselves like if it is trying to mimic us, to understand us. Or maybe just to mock us, fragile little beings that we are.

Ricardo coelho keyframe 05 sample

Dr. Ayako is the biologist that leads the study of the Yomi mold, she goes to the heart of the mold and seeks to get a sample of the fungus. If we know what we are fighting maybe we know how to kill it.

Ricardo coelho keyframe 06 thrive

Weird, the more the planet was consumed by the Yumi mold, the more bugs were appearing. How is it possible? Maybe... this was the clue we were missing.

Ricardo coelho keyframe 07 procedure

Dr. Ayako means might not be the more ethical, but they showed results, taking the biological structure of bugs and merge it with the Yumi it self on the human body was not easy, but I worked. What good are ethic and morality if we are dead?